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Project Description

UserProfileSync will take user data from the Shared Services Administration User Profile and Properties and import it into a User Information List on a SharePoint site.

This function is supposed to be performed by one of the following:
  1. stsadm -o sync
  2. The profsynch (Profile Synchronization) timer job which runs every hour
  3. The sweepsync (Quick Profile Synchronization) timer job which runs each minute

However, none of these seem to work.


Here's the command usage:

Maps user information from a SharePoint Services User Profile list to a
SharePoint site User Information List, adding columns and data.

UserProfileSync -url <URL> [-r <Name>] | [-ssp <URL> [-d] [-c]]

  -url <URL>  The SharePoint site containing the User Information List to
  -ssp <URL>  The SharePoint Services site containing the user profiles to
  -r <Name>   Remove the column with display name <Name>. Use with caution!
              Column names are case-sensitive.
  -d          Dry run.  Display changes which would be made but make no
  -c          Do not create new columns in the User Information List.

  e.g. Remove the "Mobile phone" column from the User Information List:
         UserProfileSync -url http://sharepoint -r "Mobile phone"
       Normal usage, creating new columns and importing data:
         UserProfileSync -url http://sharepoint
                         -ssp http://sharepoint:24601/ssp/admin

  Note: In dry run mode, data added to new columns is not shown.

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