Multi-domain usernames


I import user profiles from AD to my SSP for 2 trusted domains.
When i run the tool it updates the user with information from the wrong domain, for example:
my username is DOMINIO-A\boscolo
another username is ELMEC\boscolo
User: Boscolo
Updating "PreferredName", old: "Boscolo Fabrizio", new: "Ivan Boscolo" (OK)
User: Boscolo
Updating "PreferredName", old: "Ivan Boscolo", new: "Boscolo Fabrizio" (WRONG)
The same for example for DOMINIO-A\Fontanel and ELMEC\Fontanel
User: Fontanel (OK)
Updating "FirstName", old: "Fulvio", new: "Alessandra"
Updating "LastName", old: "Fontanel", new: "Fontanella"
Updating "PreferredName", old: "Fulvio Fontanel", new: "Fontanella Alessandra"
User: Fontanel (WRONG)
Updating "FirstName", old: "Alessandra", new: "Fulvio"
Updating "LastName", old: "Fontanella", new: "Fontanel"
Updating "PreferredName", old: "Fontanella Alessandra", new: "Fulvio Fontanel"
I think that the tool should consider even the domain and not only the username as the key to search and process records.


ivncmdr wrote Jun 25, 2009 at 3:54 PM

Resolved by modifiying this piece of code (comparison of account and accountname properties):

// Loop through user profiles (i.e. Central Administration properties)
        foreach (UserProfile Profile in UPM)
            // Find matching user in User Information List, based on UserName
            SPListItem UILUser = null;
            foreach (SPListItem tmp in UserList.Items)
                if (tmp.ContentType.Name == "Person" &&
                    tmp["UserName"] != null && Profile["UserName"] != null &&
                    tmp["UserName"].ToString().Equals(Profile["UserName"].ToString()) &&
                    UILUser = tmp;

wrote Feb 14, 2013 at 2:20 AM